The education modules below have been developed to help keep growers, applicators, and retail partners on top of the latest advances from BASF. As part of our overall product stewardship resources, education modules support our customers in advancing knowledge on safe and optimal product use while equipping them with a deeper understanding on how to get the most out of every acre!

Please bookmark this page for future reference and click on the icons below to learn more about our advanced herbicides and fungicides. Each module will take between 15 – 30 minutes to complete.

*New Incentives for 2015.

Advanced Weed Control

    Keeping your fields clean with Advanced Weed Control. 
    BASF Advanced Weed Control is an unmatched portfolio of herbicides offering growers the most sites of action. Learn how these flexible, effective herbicides can be combined and customized to meet specific crop and regional needs.*

    Get the power to control what you grow.
    Discover the simplicity and convenience of the Clearfield® Production System for Rice. Not only will you gain the advantage of broad-spectrum weed control, you'll also take a strong step forward in managing weed resistance.*

    Discover a better way to control what you grow and improve grain quality. 
    This complete system includes locally developed varieties and herbicides. Learn how to improve grain quality and ROI while controlling feral rye and developing sustainable practices.

Plant Health

    Discover the proven benefits of BASF Plant Health fungicides. 
    Disease Control and Plant Health is the process by which growers can enhance the overall health and productivity of their crops. Learn about how BASF fungicides provide concrete, proven Plant Health benefits and ultimately higher yields.*

    The active ingredient behind more reliable fungicides. 
    This advanced chemistry drives Priaxor® fungicide and Merivon® fungicide. It offers superior distribution and mobility within plants and enables more continuous protection and consistent performance. These fungicides control diseases and provide Plant Health benefits.*

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