Grow Smart - going beyond crop protection.
Challenging the status quo

BASF is bringing together the best agronomic thinkers, practices, insights and inputs, all to make every acre work as hard for you as you work for it.

It’s called Grow Smart, and it’s a new approach to working with farmers and improving your business.

More than a program, beyond just our innovative products, Grow Smart is a total experience for growers who aren’t satisfied with — who can’t afford to settle for — the status quo. Grow Smart gives you:

  • Personal interactions with people you can count on, bringing value you can measure
  • Thought leadership from an industry leader, sharing insights that benefit your operation in crop protection and beyond
  • A portfolio of solutions as innovative as they are broad, extending from yield-enhancing products and services to valuable tools and resources
  • A personalized plan built for your needs, your location, your specific challenges, and ultimately your total operation’s success
  • A suite of advantages that help you manage and reduce risk, and demonstrate our commitment by putting “skin in the game”

Let’s work together to challenge the status quo and see how far we can advance your operation — acre by acre, season after season, side by side.

After all, from the products in the lab, to the relationships in the field, the right chemistry matters.

"The Bachelor Farmer" to present at EWA

Chris Soules Thumbnail

Women are an important thread in the fabric of American agriculture. Today, women make up more than 30% of farm operators! More young women are returning to the farm to manage human resources, financial reporting, record keeping, as well as production and technology areas on working farms.

Quick Tips: Weather & Fungicides

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Amid harsh weather conditions or a late planting season, fungal diseases can quickly take over a grower’s acres, negatively impacting both crop health and yield potential.

Industry Buzz: BASF Crop Protection Joins the Honey Bee Health Coalition

Thistle and Pollinator

BASF has joined the Honey Bee Health Coalition, a growing and diverse group focused on improving the health of honey bees in North America. As a member, BASF will work with other Coalition members to improve bee health and protect the future of honey bees and the food supply.

“Honey bees play a critical role in the agriculture industry as many important crops, such as almonds, apples, tomatoes and alfalfa, rely on honey bee and other native and managed pollinators,” said Maximillian Safarpour, director, government and regulatory affairs with BASF. “We look forward to working with the Coalition’s network of members to continue improving honey bee health in North America.”


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